1st Goal MTS Centre (Winnipeg Manitoba - November 17, 2004)

It was a last minute decision to see if I could get tickets for the family to see the first ever professional hockey game to be played at the new MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg on November 17th, 2004.  I purchased the best seats available at the time and they turned out be be corner seats in the upper deck (Section 323, row 11).

The Opening Faceoff of the New MTS Centre!

After a scoreless first period, the Manitoba Moose had a power play almost midway through the second period against the visiting St. John's Maple Leafs.  I had a feeling the Moose were going to score so I took my point & shoot camera and snapped this photo just as Nolan Baumgartner let go a one timer.  The goalie was moving across his crease, the puck was pushing out the mesh at the back of the goal...Success!

The First goal ever scored at the new MTS Centre!

Side notes:

-I contacted the Free Press to see if they were interested in the photo.  I emailed it to them, but they decided not to use it because if the mesh in the foreground.  Too bad.

-I sent an email to True North to see if Nolan could sign a copy for me.  Jim Millican, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications arranged it.  Thanks Jim & Nolan!

-Since no goal was scored in the opening period, one of these lucky Timbit players "really" scored the first opening night goal during the 1st intermission Timbit game!

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